What's exclusive
in the Lazy Dancer Studio

Looking for the Perfect Beginner Ballet Classes?

With Alessia's Method you will:

  • understand the basics, 
  • get familiar with vocabulary and steps 
  • Improve your posture, 
  • Improve coordination and confidence, 
  • progress slowly from barre to centre
  • Build strength and shape your body the Ballerina way.

All Classes are available WITH and WITHOUT explanation 

Moving the body with Freedom and Grace.

This contemporary Ballet Class will make you 

  • feel strong, 
  • accomplished 
  • In charge and Free.

Ballet is an Art that can be explored and moulded to your personality, body and strength.

Progressing from Beginners to improvers.

Taking the next step into your ballet journey, dancing more, understanding your body and movements more deeply. With Ballet you can improve your posture, confidence and walk tall every day of your life. 

Centre Barres are perfect to get to know our body.

As well as:

  • Build strength 
  • Coordination 
  • Balance
  • Posture 
  • Confidence 

The space in our flats might be limited, but the combinations of ballet are endless!

Ballet Barres are a beautiful way to get fit and shape your body, while learning a beautiful art. 

  • Build strength 
  • Coordination 
  • Balance
  • Posture 
  • Confidence 

Nothing Replaces the sweaty studios, the thrilling experience and memories with our fellow dancers.

At the Lazy Dancer Online Studio you can re-live those experiences over and over again.
We never miss a chance to record our Live Workshops and share them with those who couldn’t make it to the studio.

The Magic Of Christmas packed in a Full Ballet Class.

Sing along your favourite Christmas Carols and dance along in a magical ballet Party!

Classes can get more challenging and intricate, if you want to push to the next level, Intermediate Ballet Classes might be exactly what you need. 

  • Build strength and Discipline

  • Improve Technique

  • Coordination

  • Balance

  • Posture

  • Confidence 

Advanced Ballet Classes in a studio?  

At the Lazy Dancer Online Studio you can re-live those experiences over and over again. 

We never miss a chance to record our Live Classes and share them with those who couldn’t make it to the studio. 

Advanced Ballet Classes are perfect for those who want to push their technique further.  Quick explanation with continuous music to work on stamina and memory. 

All Ballet Classes in The Lazy Dancer Studio are available WITH and WITHOUT INTROS

Do you want to Warm Up with style, have a little laugh and feel accomplished right at the beginning of your day? 

Music, lights and a Bit of Can Can will definitely do the trick!

Warming up and dancing at the same time? Yes please! Dance Macabre Warmup will get you grounded and ready to tackle the day with power! 

I’m busy, I cannot Workout! Introducing the Quickies Series.

You’d be surprised to see how much you can sweat in only 5 min! 
This exclusive series will get you working and sweating like never before! 
Everyone has got 5 min in a day, come on let's dance! 

The Quickies Series includes Fitness Ballet Barres, Fitness Ballet Centres, Stretches, Abs and Legs Workouts that you can enjoy in 5 min! Accompanied by beautiful music that will get your happy and ready for your day! 

Lazy Dancer Ballet Burn is a 4 Week Program to shape your body and break your own limiting patterns. 

-Sweat and shape your body, 
- Lose excess Fat 
- Tone muscles
- build elegant posture and lines. 

Everyone will turn heads at you and they’ll wonder what you’ve been up to! 

The Program is also available as a single time purchase. 
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Do you want Longer Ballet Inspired workouts where you can sweat, get rid of the soft bits and finally achieve the toned body you’ve been dreaming of? 

Exclusive 30 Minutes Warm ups from your favourite Live Workshops! When we are together, it's more fun! 

Complete Beginner Ballet Course.

This is the perfect plan to start with if:

  • you are completely new to ballet.
  • you want to refresh all the very basic techniques if many years have passed since the last time you have done a "plie"!

We'll go through:

  • all the names of steps and how to perform them properly
  • Break down of each exercise without and with music at the Barre
  • Break down of each exercise without and with music in the Centre

By the end of it you will:

  • understand the basics of ballet and the names of steps
  • be able to dance through a full beginners class from beginning till end!

The Program is also available as a single time purchase.
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Ballet Beginners Months 1-2-3

are the plans you want to follow to continue your ballet journey as soon as you have completed your complete Beginners Ballet 

  • Follow your progression coseley each month 
  • continue your achievements to the next level
  • If you have done ballet before at beginners level and want to work into implementing a daily routine, just like a ballerina
  •  improve your strength and technique with more targeted exercises

Pointe Work is every dancer's dream.

Why not work on your strength to master this beautiful Art.

21 Days Turnout Plan

This Plan will help you gradually Work on your Turnout.

We'll work a little more each week  in order to achieve a strong and stable technique.

This will help you understand how exercises can be implemented in your daily routine to become stronger at holding muscles in turnout through your ballet class.

Repetition and implementation is the key to success. Work mindfully everyday with this goal in mind.

With this plan you will improve:

  • Turn out
  • Flexibility
  • Strength
  • Stronger Technique For Ballet and Ballet Fitness
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Pre-Pointe Program and 30 days challenge

Every Ballerina’s Dream is to be on pointe.

But Where to start? 

This 30 Day Pre pointe program is perfect to get you strong and technically prepared for your next "move"!

It doesn't matter if you are already on pointe, wanting to get stronger and ready for the new ballet adventure, or just to explore what your body is actually capable of.

Don't stop in front of a title, get into it for 30 days and see what transformation awaits for you.

Stronger legs, strong core and more balance? Yes please!

This Plan is perfect to improve:

  • Legs and core strength
  • Jumps
  • Balance
  • Shape the overall body
  • Stamina

Keep Dancing and Flexible

The perfect program for those who want to…”keep dancing and Flexible” 🤓

With this program you will understand how to:

  • Best maximise the Lazy Dancer Extension Program.
  • Build Strength to hold your legs high in each position.
  • Work daily like a ballet dancer with Warm up, Class, Stretches.
  • Mould your body to be strong and shaped like a ballet dancer.

Swan Lake

Ballet Fitness Programme and Challenge 

This is the ultimate way for getting fit and having fun by dancing your favourite show the way you would on stage.

Being at home and dancing with nobody watching is the best therapy to feel good, be healthier and enjoying moving around.

The choreography of the steps is the original one of the ballet, but rearranged and re-choreographed to make it accessible to everyone. 

Think of this as a classical ballet “zumba” where steps are repeated during the chorus of the music.

The structure of the choreography is very repetitive and easy to follow along.

What’s more fun than The Swan Lake Ballet Fitness?
A Swan Lake 28 Day Challenge! 

 Swan Lake Ballet Fitness is also available as a one time purchase 

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Ballet Fitness Programme

The Ultimate Christmas Ballet Fitness Experience.
This is the most magical way of getting fit and having fun by dancing your favorite Christmas show, the way you would on stage.
Being at home and dancing with nobody watching is the best therapy to feel good, be healthier and enjoying moving around.
The choreography of the steps is the original one of the ballet, but rearranged and re-choreographed to make it accessible to everyone.

This Ballet Fitness experience is not for complete beginners, knowledge of the foundation of ballet is recommended.

The Nutcracker Ballet Fitness is also available as one time purchase.
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30 Days Ease Into Fitness

Have you been sitting on the couch for too long and now your body is screaming” MOVE!”?
The 30 day Ease into Fitness Plan will help you gradually ease your way into your fitness life.
By working a little more each week you'll be getting back on track and finally feel like you again!
Enjoy your Fitness Ballet experience and see your body shaping in only a few weeks.

Ballet Fitness Month 1

You don’t have to do any workout planning, only dancing!
Put your dancing shoes on and meet me in your lounge, let’s get fit together and see your body transform in only a few weeks.
Once you see  the results of your wonderful work, there is no going back! Once a dancer , always a dancer!

This plan is the perfect continuation after the Ease into Fitness Program.

Ballet Foundation

Steps, Terminology, Technique!
Want to learn it all and make sure your technique is correct?
Brilliant! Here’s just what you need!
Learn all the steps from plies to grand allegro, put them into practice, and before you know it, you’ll be pointing your feet and dancing Swan Lake like a pro! The cool part, you won't have to get into a crowded tube to get to class! 

See you in your living room! 

Extension Series

'Extension' is a of 3 seasons Series, with 8 videos to follow along and practice after your daily class.

 It will help you 

  • achieve strength and length for beautiful lines.
  •  beautiful extensions and flexibility 
  • Work on  Targeted Exercises to strength and hold your lines, arabesques, developpes devant and second. 

The Extension Series is also available as a single time Purchase 
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Pirouettes Masterclass

We all love to Pirouette!
With This Masterclass we’ll go through every basic correction and movement needed in order to achieve strong, controlled pirouettes. 

Learn all the tricks to achieve perfect pirouettes

  • Multiple turns Tricks 
  •  From 5th position
  •  En dehors and en de dans 
  • From Diagonal 
  • Fouette En turnant 

More than 2 hours of explanations and content.
Take your Turns to the next level! 

30 Day Splits Challenge

I know you want to achieve that flexibility and work towards - Front splits and  - Full 180 degrees Side Split! Here for you I've put together a 30 day challenge that will get you exactly there!  From Zero to Hero, you will achieve:

  • Your Front Splits.
  • Your Side Split.
  • Complete lower body flexibility.
  • Gradual approach every day.
  • Perfect warm up to work your muscles before we stretch them.
  • An overall sense of mobility and healthy body.

Corrections are super important to improve our skills.

That’s why Alessia is LIVE EVERY MONTH in the private Lazy Dancer Studio Facebook Community

to answer all of your questions, make sure you are working correctly and support you every step of the way. ! 

If you cannot make it to the Live chats, Alessia makes sure you are fully covered and you can listen to the private chats wherever you are, whenever you can as they are recorded.

Just post your questions under the announcement to Each Month's Live in the community and Alessia will answer them all. 

1 Week Adult Ballet Intensive

The 6 day intensive have been recorded in High Quality and and it's now available for you to enjoy and watch as many times as you wish.


  • Full Clasical Ballet Barre.

  • Full Classical Ballet Centre.

  • Stretching Class aimed towards your splits.

  • Q&A session at the end.

  • Total of 2h each day (as minimum).

Day 1- Back to Basics

A class designed to work on the basic technique, correct alignment and correct execution of the steps.

Perfect to work on each muscles and understanding that "simple" can make you sweat "buckets".

Day 2- Musicality and Movement 

How do dancers make their dance interesting?
Simple, we play with the music.

This class is designed to understand music and movement, how your technique can improve when we know the 'insights' of music.

Tempo at 3/4, 4/4, 6/8... You can give feelings to your movements and make steps more interesting, just like a conversation.

Day 3- Control and Strength
(Pre-Pointe/Pointe Stability)

Today's class is all about working all your muscles to hold that 'endeor' or getting stronger for pointe work.

Once we have the control over our body we can dance and express ourselves however we wish.

Day 4- Port de bras and epaulement

How do we make our upper body look confident and beautiful?
Where does the head go?
How can dancers make their gesture so classy?

This class is about to answer all the questions above and more.

Day 5 - Balance and Pirouettes

The twirls, balance and control.
They're all fun and today we'll discover how to master them once and for all.

Day 6- At the Ballet.

Exercise combinations with music from every Ballet known.

What if each exercise was inspired by one of your favourite Ballet?

Today we learn how to dance each exercise to your favourite composer. Let the artist inside us shine.

The Adult Ballet Intensive Recordings are available as one time purchased
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Intermediate Ballet Class for Batterie will get you strong and in control of intricate steps.  it's so much fun to get your legs fast and ready for more demanding steps. 

Moving the body with Freedom and Grace.

This contemporary Ballet Class will make you;

  • feel strong
  • accomplished 
  • In charge and Free.

Ballet is an Art that can be explored and moulded to your personality, body and strength.

And the list grows every month

Not Included in the Membership 

But they can be purchased separately

Ballet Sculpt Program

Ballet Sculpt

1 Hour of Pure Ballet Fitness

  • Sweat and shape your body
  • Lose excess Fat
  • Tone muscles
  • Build elegant posture and lines. 
Available Here
Weightless program description

Weightless Program

Weight Management Intensive

Every workout in the Lazy Dancer Studio can get you fit but sometimes fitness is not enough.
We need to change our mindset, find what's holding us back and learn about nutrition.

The Weightless Program is how I can help you achieve your goals.

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