Adult Ballet Intensive

The 6 day intensive have been recorded in High Quality and and it's now available for you to enjoy and watch as many times as you wish.



What The Intensive Looks Like


  • Full Clasical Ballet Barre.

  • Full Classical Ballet Centre.

  • Stretching Class aimed towards your splits.

  • Q&A session at the end.

  • Total of 2h each day (as minimum).

Each Day a New Experience


Back to Basics

A class designed to work on the basic technique, correct alignment and correct execution of the steps.

Perfect to work on each muscles and understanding that "simple" can make you sweat "buckets".


Musicality and Movement

How do dancers make their dance interesting?
Simple, we play with the music.

This class is designed to understand music and movement, how your technique can improve when we know the 'insights' of music.

Tempo at 3/4, 4/4, 6/8... You can give feelings to your movements and make steps more interesting, just like a conversation.

Day 3

Control and Strength
(Pre-Pointe/Pointe Stability)

Today's class is all about working all your muscles to hold that 'endeor' or getting stronger for pointe work.

Once we have the control over our body we can dance and express ourselves however we wish.

Day 4

Port de bras and epaulement

How do we make our upper body look confident and beautiful?
Where does the head go?
How can dancers make their gesture so classy?

This class is about to answer all the questions above and more.

Day 5

Balance and Pirouettes

The twirls, balance and control.
They're all fun and today we'll discover how to master them once and for all.

Day 6

At the Ballet.
Exercise combinations with music from every Ballet known.

What if each exercise was inspired by one of your favourite Ballet?

Today we learn how to dance each exercise to your favourite composer. Let the artist inside us shine.



$245 usd

What you'll get:

  • Instant Access to the recordings of the 6 day Intensive (17h+ of content)
  • Improve your overall technique and Ballet skills
  • Keep the recordings for you to practice as much as you wish.
  • All classes are hosted by Alessia Lugoboni, professional Ballerina


Experience 6 Days of Pure Ballet
in High Video Quality and Perfect Sound.

What people said about it


Thank you for this incredible week of dancing. I've learnt so much and really grown (more confident) as a dancer. Your high level, qualitative lessons have taken my dancing to a new level <3


I am LOVING this week! Thank you so much for offering these classes!!! They have been amazing. So high quality. You are amazing and it has been wonderful to get to talk, ask questions, and hear your expertise!
💕 Thanks again Alessia!!! 😊


I wish every day was like this! Thank so much for your classes Alessia! You are so funny and make learning ballet so clear! I love it! Thank you!


I absolutely loved this intensive! I learned new things every day, and I loved the length of the classes. I was sore but not too sore which was awesome. Also, I loved all the mini routines Alessia threw in there. They were challenging yet so much fun!


I learned a lot and especially the technique was explained so well, so that I was able to improve a lot. Everyday was a different topic that I made every day so exciting. The last day was such a blast and a perfect ending.

Questions You May Have

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