Get Ballerina Fit Free Workout Plan Preview


Get Ballerina Fit


A 5 Day Workout Plan To:

  • Set your goals
  • Reconnect to your body and mind
  • Rediscover a new Passion
  • Have a Blueprint for how to achieve a Ballerina Body.
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Hi! I'm Alessia...

I'm a professional ballet dancer, fitness coach,
and I LOVE ballet.

I teach ballet online at the Lazy Dancer Studio to anyone who loves dance as much as I do - from trained dancers to busy office workers.

Dancing has the power to make you dream and feel free. 

When we are in control of our body and mind, we can bring control to our daily lives. We can be disciplined and even make extra time for ourselves. 

Ballet, to me, is a beautiful Art that deserves to be shared and experienced, it can shape our body and teaches us how to take care of ourselves. 

  • Love ballet and Ballet Inspired Workouts?
  • Life standing in the way of starting this new adventure
  • Feeling uncoordinated?
  • Want to feel more graceful?  

Let me tell you,
There is NO Perfect Body for Ballet! 
It's NOT too late, and you're NOT too old! 

We’ve all started as ugly ducklings, and we can all transform into beautiful swans.

Alessia Dancing

I know how hard it can be to find time to pursue a passion.

Not all of us are #blessed with the time and money to start out dancing in expensive studios with private tutelage.
I know all too well how family, work commitments and other life stuff can be demotivating, preventing you from giving ballet a real shot. 
Maybe you’ve already taken some classes in the past and felt awkward and ungraceful? Or, maybe you danced as a child and miss the feeling of making art with your body?
Whatever your personal circumstance, I’ve helped many amazing ballerinas-to-be take their passion for ballet from a “what if” to a “why not!” I created Lazy Dancer Tips to share my love of ballet and ignite that love in other, empowering new and returning dancers with the ability to practise from home at their own pace.
Ballet is for everyone. Tall and short. Petite and curvy. Male and female. Young and young-at-heart. 
Join the Lazy Dancer revolution today!

The Get Ballerina Fit Workout Plan

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Totally Free

Take this opportunity to find yourself, your steps, that might have been lost a long time ago.

This is my gift to you to take time for yourself and love "you" like never before to find balance in your body, mind, and your heart.

A Dance that will be unique to you that will give you a blueprint to get you Fit and Strong.

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No Ballet Experience Needed

It doesn’t matter if you have two left feet or if you're a pro. This dance goes way deeper than our bodies and capabilities.

This dance is for you to feel good, confident, and look at yourself in the mirror with pride. Just dance, life will take care of the rest.

Alessia Dancing
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What To Expect

During the Get Ballerina Fit 5 Day Plan, I will take you through the strength and skill-building techniques you need to gain a ballerina’s confidence and poise.

No matter your schedule or fitness level, or what age you are, from the privacy of your living room.


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I absolutely love Lazy Dancer Tips! I found Lazy Dancer Tips through YouTube and am so happy to find a whole library full of classes, fitness and encouragement! As a ballet dancer with experience, having two back to back babies and a full time job and no time to take a class at a studio, this is perfect! I would highly recommend for anyone that has a love for ballet but no time for studio classes. There is a full library of classes you can do in the privacy of your own home at your own pace! It’s wonderful!

Pursuing Your Love For Ballet Is Only A Click Away...