Tips On How To Navigate
The Lazy Dancer Studio Website and App.


Introduction to the membership website

How to navigate your ballet programs


How to Follow the Classes

Here's the best way to watch and perform the classes by looking at a screen


The Best Way to Learn

What to do to best understand and perform an exercise.



How community works.

Link to our NEW private community


Slow Down or Speed Up Video Playback

You can practice and learn based on the level you're now by slowing down or speeding up any video in the website.

The music and pitch of the voice will stay the same but speed can be adjusted to allow you to better follow any exercise or combination of steps.



Introduction to the
Lazy Dancer Tips App

How to find the same content you find in the website and what's different.

Download to the Apple App
Download to the Android App


Make Your Own Workout Plan

This feature is unique to the Lazy Dancer Tips App and it allows you to schedule your favourite videos into a full month workout plan.


Additional Features

Discover how to save videos as favourite, mark them as complete and download them for offline watching.


How to "Cast" videos on your smart TV

The app is designed to automatically find "cast-ready" devices like smart tv, chrome cast or other devices, within the same wifi network.

If the icon at the bottom of the video doesn't appear for you, you may not have any compatible device connected to your wifi connection.